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Tips! How to use RingADingDing!

Tip #1: pieces need to be cut out

All packages come as 8 1/2" x 11" sheets of high quality card-stock filled gloriously with text and images. They are all ready to be cut out by their new owner! Cut just inside or outside of the lines for a tidy look. Cut rounded corners on any square pieces so no sharp corners.

*Please note~ there is no cutting involved with the Activity Deck, simply insert the included book ring and you are ready to go!

Tip #2: keep pieces sorted

What I find helpful is to keep corresponding text and images together in a clear plastic zip-close bag for easy access, (extra clear, high quality bags included in packages).

Tip #3: laminate if desired

I have used beautiful quality card-stock for producing these packages, so they don't need to be laminated. But if you'd like to then sure! Laminating can be done at many printers shops and at some CCRR's-see my "Great Things!" page to find out what the CCRR is!

Tip #4: make a felt story!

After you have cut out your images and text, feel free to glue them onto felt pieces-now you have a felt story!

Tip #5: suggested use

Just an example to get you started.. Start by sitting together, ask a couple questions about the weather today, the season it is, and sing the alphabet, (all props from the Basics Package). Get everyone to stand up, sing or pretend 3-4 activities, (from the Stand-Up section of the Activity Deck). Sit back down and do 3-4 learning activities, (from the Sit-Down section of the Activity Deck or any of the various Funpacks). Thank everyone for such a fun time together and discuss the next step in your day!

Tip #6: store away easily

Use a small, clear, shoe-box sized plastic bin with lid for storing all of your resources-something that can be brought out in a flash. Stacks and stores away just as quickly!

Young children see the world in a magical, wondrous way. Prepare to enter this world! The children will revel in your company—and it's such a great view from there! Have fun and please let me know your RingADingDing! experience!