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Welcome to RingADingDing!

Do you wish you could remember all those sweet little nursery rhymes and songs from your childhood so you could share them with the little ones around you? Do you wonder what kind of games a toddler or preschooler would love to play? Maybe you are a daycare or preschool professional starting out or simply wishing to enhance your program? Well you are in the right place!

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  • Basics Package
  • Basics Package

What On Earth is RingADingDing!?

RingADingDing! is a collection of fun and colorful decks and packages with activity cards, stories and songs with hand movements and props, as well as pretending and movement activities—all created for any adult to interact with children ages one to five! Sing the alphabet, match up wild animals to their homes, or even stomp through your living room like a giant T-Rex! This is a child's world, and RingADingDing! is your passport...

Save time searching for all the right material and putting it all together-all the work has been done for you! All decks and packages are made up of colorful and relevant material for this age group and are the perfect tools to help you communicate, teach and connect with children in their most developmental years. RingADingDing! helps build on fundamental basics of literacy and language, encourages movement and physical activity (through balancing, jumping, marching, slithering, wiggling and jiggling etc), all the while promoting precious bonding between adult and child! Everything is printed on high quality card stock, and pieces are easily cut out along simple marked lines. All images have been lovingly drawn and colored to express the song or story or learning activity. Whether you have two minutes or twenty, and you can march in place or pretend to be a melting ice cream cone, then you can do RingADingDing!!

I ran my licensed home-based daycare for over ten years, and it was in the pursuit of the most enriching experience possible for the children that I created RingADingDing!. Every weekend I would spend hours planning and prepping at my kitchen table—I always wanted and needed a fun way to teach my audience, (four or five little ones), keep everyone engaged, and be able to go fluidly from one song or activity to the next. I wanted to have a variety of activities, some that we could enjoy with props while sitting, and some that would get us moving about and jumping our jiggles out! I love the idea of stretching and moving the mind AND the body so that was my aim. A great combination would also include teaching a variety of things: the alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes, patterns and sequences, days of the week, seasons, loving others, and self awareness. Then each month I had a theme that would allow us to start conversations about things, play games and learn new vocabulary. The themes ranged from outer space to dinosaurs to insects to jungles! I heard it from the parents and I could see it on the children's faces, they just loved it and appreciated it and that made me want to do it even more. RingADingDing! truly is the accumulation of all my wonderful years running my daycare and being a nanny so here it is to share with you, whether it is your grouptime or your quality time!

Read more about me and my pledge here: ABOUT ME. And feel free to check out some of the things that really excite me here: GREAT THINGS! for inspirational companies, organizations, and individuals. It's a beautiful world out there—full of really incredible people who are not planning on leaving anyone behind and to them I say one thing—count me in!!