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Great Things Going On!

Here you will find things that really excite me about the world-some things are close by, some are further flung!

CCRR, Child Care Resource and Referral

Now if you have never heard of the CCRR's in British Columbia or you've never been to see the lovely people who operate your local one-YOU MUST GO! The CCRR is the place you can go as a parent or a daycare/preschool professional and find and borrow toys, books, many different types of resources, car-seats, high chairs, etc. and sometimes just a friendly face to say hello to! If you need to find a daycare in your area the CCRR has a running list of facilities and all the info about them-their safety ratings, their availabilities, etc. They are really the perfect middleman between daycares/preschools and families. They also offer special event nights and many different playdates and get-togethers for everyone.

I am in the process of trying to find the equivalent for the provinces outside of B.C. and if there is such an organization that operates throughout the United States. If you have any info about this would you mind letting me know? Just go to my CONTACT ME page please that would be great!! Then I can spread the word so everyone can experience the awesomeness that is the CCRR!

Sesame Workshop

The Sesame Workshop is the nonprofit educational organization behind Sesame Street. Sesame Street brings learning and life skills to over 120 million children around the world, and carries on the dream of its original creators to help all children learn.

Sesame Street and its international coproductions air in over 120 countries, making it the largest informal educator of preschoolers in the world...


"There is nothing more important in preventing future crises than the kind of work Sesame Street does in so many countries around the opening the minds of young people, in uniting us around our common humanity while respecting the culture and context of every country it works in." — Kofi Annan, Secretary General of the United Nations

Ryan's Well Foundation

Solutions! Ryan was seven years old when he had the selfless idea to start saving money to help the people who need help the most in Africa . His idea has led to hundreds of wells being built in hundreds of different locations for sanitation and drinking needs, and it doesn't stop there...


Joey Adler cannot sit back and watch while children need help around the globe.

I aspire with every breath to make such a difference. Joelle Berdugo Adler is a woman with more than a mission, as the founder of ONEXONE, this is a person who cares from her very core...

UNDP, United Nations Development Program

Millenium Villages are popping up all over sub-saharan Africa-all part of the plan to reduce extreme poverty by half by 2015...

"Grow Up Great!"

Big corporations are now seeing that investments made early on in children's lives will lead to positive economic, (among others), results in the future. One such leader is PNC, (PNC Financial Services Group, Inc), and their ten year, $100 million investment in early childhood education called "Grow Up Great!". This unprecedented move is an investment in school readiness to help prepare children from birth to age five for success in school and in life...

Early Childhood Educators of British Columbia, ECEBC

The Early Childhood Educators of B.C. enhances early childhood educators' ability to be a strong voice for the profession. It influences society to value children and childhood and to respect the professionals who care for and educate children...


At their most recent conference in Richmond, B.C., I came across many valuable resources and local artisans that you may like-check them out!...

Strong Start

Absolutely innovative and revolutionary program to help families prepare their children for attending kindergarten. Fun, stimulating, preschool-like programming offered for free around the province of B.C. for anyone to go and join in...

Samco Printers, Vancouver, B.C.

"It's a bird, it's a plane, it's...Super Jon!" If it weren't for the talent and professionalism of Jon Teo at Samco Printers this project would still be words and pictures on many, many pieces of paper and a dream in my mind. Jon has made my vision come to life and I highly recommend him and the team to anyone who has any printing needs whatsoever or would like to create a fabulous website-just look at my website, the proof is in the pudding!...

Thanks for checking out these Great Things Going On! If you know of something great going on around you or anywhere on this wonderful planet please be sure to let me know-just go to the CONTACT ME page!