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About Me

DeeDeeAll RingADingDing! decks and packages have been lovingly created by me, DeeDee Nelson, and I have loved every moment of it!

I was a daycare lady for over ten years, and every day I was privy to a special world-we just had the greatest time as my living room was magically transformed as if it were another place or time either at play-time or when we all sat in a circle for group‑time. You know I originally thought I would be helping daycare or preschool professionals but I now see that parents, grandparents, and nannies or babysitters would also benefit greatly from my packages.

KidsHow did I come up with the name you ask? Well every day at group-time we would be sitting in our circle on the living room floor and enjoying our song or story and I would refer at moments to the book I would have open-and it would keep flopping closed!!! Not good when you need to keep the attention of the little ones!! So I was wishing I had my little songs and activities on cards maybe held together by a ring so the pages would all just sit flat on the floor for me-and there would be no losing of my page while I needed it! Hmm, ring, ring, RingADingDing! The name stuck, I loved it so much.

I came by childcare naturally as my Mom also had a Licensed Family Daycare for almost twenty years. I learned a lot from my Mom and I thank her for that. As well as being a daycare lady I have also been a nanny for many families over various years, (I recently attended the wedding of one of the young ones I took care of twenty years ago!), and now I am currently a full time nanny for a wonderful family in Vancouver, B.C.


My Pledge

Like many people, I feel a strong pull to help children in need, and RingADingDing! is going to help me do that..I have made a pledge-


I will be coordinating my efforts through some very positive organizations-read more about these organizations in GREAT THINGS! If you used to watch Sesame Street like me, you may be surprised to see what the Sesame Workshop is doing around the globe these days...

If you have any questions, whether it be about the activity deck and packages, how to start or run a licensed family daycare, or to give me suggestions or feedback, please let me know! You can email me at: or simply fill out the form here: CONTACT ME.

Thank you very much!